1. Introduction

SharePoint List Filter Favorites make it more convenient to create and save filtered views by adding filtered views to Filter Favorite submenu. You can also delete it or rename it. Then you can load and use the filtered views as SharePoint views.

2. How to Use List Filter Favorites

The following is a typical sample of SharePoint List Filter Favorites application. In the Tasks Schedule list, there are many tasks for developers.

We can create a SharePoint list filtered view to show the high priority tasks for tom by following steps.

Filter Tom from Assigned To column.

Then filter High Priority from Priority column.

We can see the high priority tasks for Tom.

Now, we can add this filtered view to Favorite Filters.


Three functions "Add To Favorite Filters","Filter Favorites" and "Organize Favorite Filters" will be added to the view Drop-Down Menu after you have installed SharePoint List Filter Favorites and activated the feature.

First, Add Filtered View

Give name to this filtered view.

After clicking the "OK" button, the filtered view will be added to Filter Favorites folder and we can see it in the Filter Favorites submenu.


If you click the checkbox "As public filter" in the webpage dialog, the filtered view will be added as a public type, or it is a private type.

Second, Delete Filtered View

Click the Organize Favorite Filters menu.

In the webpage dialog, all the saved filtered views will be listed in Filter Drop-Down list when you click Filter Type radio button. After selecting a filtered view, click the "Delete" button, then the filter will be deleted.

Third, Rename Filtered View

In Organize Filter Favorites webpage dialog, you can rename the filtered view's name. Select a filter name in the Filter Drop-Down list and input a new name in the New Name single line text, then click the "Rename" button.

Then the name of the filtered view will be changed.

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